For Your Information

Items are listed in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Our units are 4X10 indoor with a pet window that allows 4X10 outdoor access. The walls are made of solid washable material to reduce cross contamination and prevent fence fighting. We NEVER place guests from separate homes in the same unit, unless requested by relatives. If you have two (2) or more dogs or cats or combinations, they’re more than welcome to share. Discounts offered for multiple pets sharing the same unit.

You’re welcome to pick up or drop off outside of regular posted business hours, however we charge $150.00 in addition to the cost of boarding. Our closed time is used to perform ongoing scheduled maintenance while we provide pet care. The fee is high in an effort to discourage after hours interruptions.

You’re welcome to assign someone to pick up your pet(s) but must also inform us. We require permission each and every time and reserve the right to ask your driver for I.D. You might also want to prepay your bill so your driver doesn’t have to pay and then be reimbursed.

We accept bath mats, or blankets, or small beds if they fit into a washing machine. Large beds can’t be thoroughly cleaned by us and could potentially end up soiled. They’re also cumbersome to move for cleaning when pets go outside. Blankets can be folded and layered if your pet requires additional padding. If your dog requires an orthopaedic bed please contact us about the requirements.

This is a legal document we don’t publish online but is available to sign during a meet and greet appointment, at time of drop off, or can be emailed upon request and returned.

We don’t discriminate against specific breeds because we offer individual exercise time with a handler, ensuring the safety of each animal in our care.

Despite providing a mat or layers of blankets, some animals prefer to lay beside their bedding while they’re here. The larger/heavier dogs are more susceptible to pressure sores, hair loss and even callouses on their elbows from laying on the floor while here.

We require two (2) week minimum notice for any peak period during a school holiday. Christmas or New Years reservations even if they’re ‘tentative’ need to be confirmed or cancelled by December 1st. Sickness, serious injury or death are all exempt from this policy.

People typically leaving for the weekend depart Friday and return Sunday. Saturday arrivals or departures are the least requested service, making it the most convenient day to perform repairs or make improvements.

The CVMA stands for Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. They developed a minimum standard requirement for all kennel operators to follow that cover both breeding facilities as well as boarding facilities. Part of their guidelines are relevant to boarding, while the rest pertains to breeding with some overlap between the two.

Some provinces have passed regulatory laws making the guidelines mandatory, while other provinces haven’t. We opted to voluntarily comply with their regulations and standards.

Please review the Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations from the CVMA for more information.

No deposit is required to hold a space. However, failure to give sufficient notice of cancellation could result in that person having to make a deposit for future reservations. Illness, injury or death are exempt from this rule.

Yes, we give insulin injections and have a fridge on site to store the insulin.

We typically check our email around midnight after all our guests are looked after and before we retire for the night. In an effort to keep prices reasonable, we don’t employ full time staff to monitor social media.

We wash and recycle all cans and containers used by our guests and use natural products whenever they’re safe and effective to use.

Cats can be walked if a harness is provided.

Dogs can have walks substituted if they wouldn’t benefit from our 1.5 acres exercise yard.

Additional exercise of 1/2 hour walk is also available for a small fee.

We don’t group exercise animals for their own safety, but can socialize two at a time upon request, and at our discretion.

Yes, we prefer you bring your own labelled food to reduce health issues such as diarrhea and possibly allergies. You’re also welcome to bring homemade cooked food or pre-cut raw fruits and vegetables. Refrigeration is available. Feel free to bring a little extra food should your return be delayed. Whenever possible it should be in a resealable container to reduce spillage. (See Raw Meat further down) Kennel food is available for at a cost of 50¢ per cup.

Not all illnesses are life threatening emergencies, but you’ll receive a message or email if something is a concern, and will be kept informed as we observe your pet’s health. If it’s sudden and life threatening you or your designated contact person will receive an immediate phone call.

We require information such as seizures, symptoms of current health issues and possible side effects of medications they currently use.

Yes, we administer medications but ask you to supply a delivery method that doesn’t involve having us stick our hand in your pets mouth. Pill pockets are preferred but sliced wieners or soft cheese slices are acceptable substitutes. We provide this service for free so we cordially ask your help in reducing the amount of labour required by not bringing blocks of cheese for us to cut up, since we don’t have a kitchen at the kennel.

Yes, by appointment only to make sure we allot sufficient time to answer questions and address concerns while your pet(s) sniffs around the office. We try to avoid the busiest times such as Fridays, long weekends, or Christmas due to the volume of guests in our care during those times, unless there’s no other options that fit your schedule.

You’re welcome to bring creature comforts that are clean and easy to wash bath mats or blankets, treats, and toys. We recommend labelling as many of the items as is possible including their food and medications.

You’re welcome to bring it if you precook it. We don’t want you to change your pet’s diet, but some of our guests are immune compromised.

Just as peanut butter is safe for one child, they can’t take it to school because it could be dangerous for another child, and this is similar in nature.

For more information on ‘raw’ diets please see the CVMA Documents Raw Meat-Based Diets for Pets – Position Statement.

There are a number of reasons for kennels to NOT accept pets and are usually health related. In those cases, it’s in the animals best interest to be boarded at a veterinary clinic, hire a home pet sitter, or ask a friend.

For added security and peace of mind.

We accept animals requiring a variety of medications including administering insulin injections for diabetic guests.

We DON’T accept animals we have to lift or carry, need to hand fed, or need their bladder manually expressed.

We’d be surprised if your dog/cat didn’t go home tired. It’s a stimulating environment that animals never want to miss a thing so they don’t typically nap during the daytime.

We have a large window for visibility into the guest area, and allow customers to take a look at the first unit. But, we kindly ask viewers not to wonder through the entire facility because we have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality of our guests’ families. Boarders are also easily overstimulated when strangers come inside the guest area, and that stimulation can lead to additional undesirable health issues.

Required unless advised otherwise by your veterinarian and accompanied by an exemption certificate. No vaccine is 100% effective but we strive to minimize health issues.

Yes, for customers only by appointment to reduce interruptions to guest routines.